Meet Nsawo

0º39'55"N, 32º32'23"E

Nsawo Primary School 

Village: Nsawo, District: Luwero

Beneficiaries: 855

School: 601 Sutdents: 588 Teachers: 19 

Community: 254

Nsawo (nn-sa-whoa) Primary School


Students at Nsawo (nn-sa-whoa) Primary School are walking one kilometer to collect water from a busy borehole shared with many people. They can wait up to one hour missing class, especially little girls. This means the school lacks drinking water, handwashing, and proper cleaning. The water collected is only used for porridge for some children for lunch. Teachers and parents worry about their children walking this long distance to collect water every day.


There is no cookie-cutter approach to solving water access issues, so our partner Drink Local Drink Tap carefully determined the best solution for water access with this school and surrounding community. After careful planning, community meetings, and working with the newly formed ‘water user committee’ (WUC), our partner conducted a hydrogeological survey and determined that drilling a deep borehole to access more sustainable,clean groundwater is the best solution.