About Ripple

We Are The Ripple

We Are The Ripple was created  to try to find a way to make it easy to do good.  We wanted to create something that matters. We wanted to matter to you, to the people in our community, and to the people this amazing community can help.

Community truly is what makes We Are The Ripple.  You and your community, sharing the story of the communities we help together. And honestly, we want it to be easy.

First, we want you to love our products.  That's our primary job.  We provide you high-quality products that meet your needs.  You want quality, you want a fair price.  We give you that and more.  We give you a chance to feel good about what you do.  For each purchase, you are helping to provide communities with Clean Water Access. We have partnered with Drink Local Drink Tap, a proven and incredible international non-profit organization focused on solving water equity and quality issues, that you can be confident is efficiently and directly building incredible projects to provide Clean Water to communities in need.  Their proven track record ensures that you can trust them, and feel proud of your decision to purchase a We Are The Ripple Product.

Beyond the communities we help, we are building a community of those who believe that we should share the opportunity to do good things.  We want your group, your family, friends and all of your people to enjoy the feeling of providing by the simple act of purchasing a product they need and want.  Share the Story. Share the feeling.  Build a Community that feels good by helping those in need.  

We built a bushiness to create a Ripple. With your help, it becomes a Wave.  The more we share the story, the more people can wake up with Clean Water, Healthy Children, and incredibly Bright Futures.  And all of that happens because you choose to be a part of a community that wants to feel good about doing good. We want to help you do just that.  It just takes a ripple, and together,  We Are The Ripple.